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Management Systems Auditing

Management system standards contributes significantly to the success of organization’s globally by increasing productivity, enhancing the quality of products, services and efficiency of operational processes. We offer value adding auditing for effective management of organizational risks, improve regulatory compliance, reputation and improved performance. Our professionals are certified by some of the world leading management system personnel certification bodies on a wide range of international standards.

Professional Training and Development

We provide a comprehensive professional training and development package to support your workforce learning, upskilling, and employee developmental needs. We offer course curriculum design, development professional training customization to facilitates the development of an empowered workforce. We support your training and development needs through learning and competency gap assessments to identify learning and developmental training needs.

Supplier Quality Management

In today’s globalized supply chain, business organizations are faced with the challenges of managing its supplier quality with thousands of suppliers required to fulfills its daily manufacturing and services operational needs. An effective supplier quality management is critical in managing supply chain impact and risk. We provide an end-to-end supplier quality management through supplier/vendor development, evaluation, certification and performance surveillance audits.

Enterprise Management System

Organization's business models in today's competitive environment are increasingly being transformed by emerging enterprise management systems and technologies. The new digital economy places enterprise management systems at the core center of an organization’s strategy and operational efficiency. Optimize your key business processes by leveraging on EMS technologies to create competitive advantage.


We assist individuals and corporate business organizations to comply with statutory, regulatory and shareholders requirements by placing you at a better advantage in all management system compliance matters. Our professional team have extensive experience of working with certified management systems across different industries.

Customer Centric

Our customers are the reason why we exist. We put our client's first by understanding their problems and challenges and providing best solutions aimed to improve their performance across the value chain within the ever-changing context of today’s business environment.

Affordable Cost

We provide and create value at affordable cost through our broad range of services for both individuals, small, medium-sized enterprise, governmental agencies and multinational corporations across the value chain.

Customer Support

We provide great customer support to facilitates our services delivery to our esteemed client's. We build relationship based on trust, honesty and professionalism. Our professional team supports your company throughout your organizational business transformation journey.

We are a management system auditing professional services company that provides a broad range of services to both individual and corporate customers. We offer management system auditing, supplier quality management, enterprise management system and professional training and development services.

The company was established based on deep industry learning experience with passion to drives innovation through the application of International management system standards and industry best practices. Our goal is to create real value for both individuals and organizations to achieve sustained business growth. Our professionals are top-notch with unmatched experience, great industry experience with good understanding of client’s business environment and challenges. We create and applies solutions required to address each industry-specific challenge to create competitive advantage for your company in today’s dynamic business environment. Our differentiation is based on the great value we create, affordable service cost, great professional care and customer relationship and support geared towards your organizational business growth.

We provides individuals and organizations the best industry solutions in achieving high performance and sustained business success in a more effective and efficient manner. Contact us to learn more about our offerings.